Vietnamese sausage

This entry is for my aunt,and Patrick,if u’d like to know about my family’s tradition food.We make this sausage every Tet holiday 🙂

This is the Vietnamese sausage I made.I learned how to make it through my grandma.Although it was not as good as the one my grandma made,I feel very proud of it 🙂 Actually,my grandma too!

The hardest part of this is prepare the casings.But you can buy the frozen one in supermarket.Thanks to my aunt,I stuffed the sausage very easily.The Kitchen Aid helped me.Just 15 minute for 2kg causage (woa).The sausage stuffer attachment worked beautifully 🙂 Just love it!

Beside the recipe,you have to use a toothpick and pop the sausage during cooking.That will make the sausage tight and keep the meat not to fall down when you eat it.This sausage can be grill till golden brown outside,it taste great.I tried once and I just fell in love with it.

My grandma make this every Tet holiday.We’re all love it.This year she was sick,so I decided to learn and make it.Not as perfect as she did,but taste great.I don’t think she liked the sausage,but she was very happy and told every one her granddaughter made it ;)) That’s all I need!

So,if Aunt or Patrick want to make it for Tet holiday,I suggest you should buy a sausage stuffer,any kind or buy a Kitchen Aid with a sausage stuffer attachment,if u want to save your time ;))…….If not,I think Aunt knows the way to stuff the sausage withou sausage stuffer,but it will take forever!

So,here’s the recipe:

Vietnamese sausage (Dồi thịt)
_2 kg ground pork
_1 1/2 cup fried chopped shallot
_1 1/2 cup fried chopped garlic
_1 1/2 cup fried chopped citronella
_300g Pork back fat + 50g sugar
_1/2 tsp salt
_1/2 tsp stock powder
_1 tsp sugar
_25g grounded pepper
_500g pork skin
_1 coconut

How to make it:
_Boil pork fat & pork skin for 5 minute.Cut them into small cubes.Mis the pork fat with 50g sugar & leave them for about 1 week ( you have to do this 1 week before the day you make the sausage)
_Mix all the ingrediant(except the casing) and leave them for 15 minute.
_Prepare the casings (learn how to do this through internet)
_Stuff the meat into the casings.Tie.
_Pour the coconut juice into a big pan.Put in about 4 tbs of sugar.Then put the sausage in and cook for about 5 minute/one side.Turn them over & cook the other side.Use a clean toothpick to thrust the sausage (cooked side).Turn over & keep thrusting.Do it (turn & thrust) until the sauce turn brown & caramelize.Cook for more 5 minute on low heat,turn over & cook 5 more minute.Then take them out.The sauce can be use for dipping.

_Let it cool & put in fridge for 1 day.Then enjoy.Cut them into slices & wrap them with vietnamese herb & rice paper.Dip with the sauce or nuoc cham

Bon Appetit! Here is the picture of the finished sausage:

Pretty cool,hah? 😀


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