A little taste of Saigon:Lunch cart

This entry is for Patrick and aunt,to get know and remember Saigon.I’ll start my food journey.I wonder what is a Vietnamese for if she doesn’t know about her country 🙂

Street food in Vietnam is the most popular.You may find Vietnamese food in a lot of formal restaurant,with formal space,formal food and formal price too.But I don’t know why,I can’t find the best in those restaurant,or yes,but not much.Almost all the best I can find,are in informal way,or almost!

I ‘m gonna start with where almost Vietnamese workers have lunch.You can find this kind of lunch cart everywhere in Saigon.They sell rice and a lot of dishes to eat with rice.They change the dishes every day (except rice).As you know,rice is the most popular in Vietnam,almost every one have rice for lunch.So that’s why the workers choose those lunch cart to have lunch,not KFC or sth like that.

When you’re in,the first thing you need to do is look for your favorite dish,or dishes.Then tell the sellers and they will put the dishes you choosed on a plate with some rice.Then you’re done,take your dish and find a place to sit down then enjoy.They’ll ask what did you choosed and give you the price when you’re done and ready to pay for.And a dish usually cost about 15.000 VND to 25.000 VND (about 1 dollar) .Becuz of the price,they also call thos cart “cơm bình dân” (cơm =rice and bình dân =commoner)

About the dishes,you can have a lot of choices.In this cart,there are fried chicken,omelette,fried sausage,fried fish with chopped citronella outside,cooked tuna,stir fry bean and so much more.Special dish is Chinese fried rice.They serve with a bowl of soup of the day.The owners are cute.Their customer are high school students,University of Medical ‘s student,workers and more.This is the good lunch cart with good food,good price and good hygiene.You don’t know but in Saigon,there are a lot of bad quality lunch cart,which caught customers’s ill.

Fried chicken


Braised Vietnamese Ham

Fried fish with chopped citronella

Fried sunny-side-up egg

Fried sausage

Cooked tuna

Can’t remember what is it 😐

Fried shallots and chopped spring onion

End of the journey 🙂

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