A little taste of Saigon: Bột chiên & bắp nướng

[ Sorry cuz I was out and didn’t upload at 19:00 like I said]

This entry,of course,special for Patrick 🙂

I was quite busy the last few days.But at last,my street food days is back.This time,I’d like to introduce u my favorite street food : “Bột chiên” and “bắp nướng”.

[Mouth watering]

Let’s start with “bắp nướng”.I usually eat this first and wait for “bột chiên”.”Bắp nướng” mean grilled corn (bắp= corn & nướng=grilled).Sounds like nothing different from your BBQ corn?Yes! But this is different.In Vietnam we just use our Vietnamese corn to make it.Vietnamese corn are glutinous,not too sweet and guesse wat,heavenly taste.They grill the corn,then dip in spring onion sauce ( heat the oil,put in chopped spring onion and some spices).A bite,with chewy girlled corn and delish onion sauce,salty,sweet,smoky and warm….Hahhhh,I can’t ask for anything else!And one corn cost only 5.000 VND (ab ¼ dollar)…Phung loves this!

Corn on the griller

It is quite easy to make.You need to steam the corn until tender enough.Then put it on the griller and grill until golden brown.About the sauce,you need to heat the vegetable oil,put in chopped spring onion and mix in.Turn off the heat,put in some salt & sugar,mix and serve with the corn.I dun like to dip my corn in the sauce.I like to eat the corn first then eat the spring onion sauce with a spoon and mix them in my mouth.That’s the most naughty way to eat I think,but the most delish too 😛 [confession of a fat foodaholic]

Dipping in the sauce

We decided to buy some for our family.But at last,I was the one who ate them all :((

And the second dish is “bột chiên”,which mean “fried dough” ( bột = dough or batter;chiên= fried).We love this thing.It is a dish with fried cubes of “the dough”,crispy outside and soft inside,stick together by 1 beaten egg,with spring onion everywhere,serve with sour green papaya and soya sauce.This is so delish that I can eat 2 plates a time and as much sour papaya as I can 😛

They usually ask what is the secret of the crispy dough,well,you can see how they made it here.Before transfer to the big pan,they deep fry the dough in a pot.That’s why the dough here always crisp and yummy.The sauce is the mix of soy sauce,dark sauce,sugar and vinegar.It is very light and taste great with the fried dough.

A dish usually cost about 10000 dong ->20000 dong (ab ½ dollar->1 dollar).We love this so much.Here are the pics of the stall & the ladies :

Sour green papaya-my favorite ❤ :X

The stall

Working with the eggs 😉

I dun think she knew I was taking her pic ;))

Vietnam hwaitin’!!!

Bon Appetit!


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